Not just an Art book, Liber Chaotica is an extensive collection of lore on the five Chaos powers (Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Chaos Undivided). Released back in the day—03, to be exact—by Marijan Von Staufer, the second volume of the outstanding Liber Chaotica book series gives us. OPISCULUM DAEMONIS. An expository lectures on the followers and rituals of Chaos. by Arkonius in Topics > Books – Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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They were released one after another in and The books are presented in the form of the fictional writings of Richter Klessa character of the Warhammer world.

The authors take the role of an editor who goes through Kless’ works, which contains studies, illustrations and excerpts from other fictional sources. The Liber Chaotica also provides background related to the Warhammer The series is composed of four separate volumes, each dedicated to one of the four Gods of Chaos: Khornethe Liber Chaotica: Slaaneshthe Liber Chaotica: Nurgle and the Liber Chaotica: Complete edition collecting all previous books into a single volume and including as well as a fifth volume called Liber Undivided was released in This article focuses on the book contents related to the Warhammer Fantasy setting.


A detailed description of the contents regarding the Warhammmer 40, universe can be found here. First volume of the series. The work emphasizes the violent nature of Khorne and the religious cult following the deity. Second volume of the series.

The work emphasizes Slaanesh ‘s birth, descriptions on the god, and the religious cult following the deity. Kless describes the god’s aspects of seduction, pleasure and vanity. Third volume of the series.

Liber Chaotica: Warhammer | eBay

It describe Nurgle ‘s aspects, his plagues, and his cult following. Fourth volume of the series. Kless describes the god’s aspects of confusion, knowledge and transformation.

This books is a compilation of the four previous volumes. It features an extra fifth volume about Chaos Undivided.

Liber Chaotica

The work discusses the minor gods, the types of gods, and general information on the nature of Chaos. Retrieved from ” http: Personal tools Log in Request account. Community Forum Discord Server.


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