GEPRO3 CAN Package Software User Guide. 1vv Rev. 0 – Reproduction forbidden without Telit Communications S.p.A’s. written. GEPRO3 GPS Reference Design User Guide. 1vv Rev.0 – 21/04/ Reproduction forbidden without Telit Communications S.p.A. I have found an interesting date in the Telit_Cellular_Roadmap_12_pdf ( download zone). This PDF tells that GEPRO3 EOL is middle of.

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I have studied some of the documents GSM library guide, Product description. I didnt find documentation on receiving SMS. How hardware will be notified for received SMS? I dont know about RS customer number.

We have not yet recevied any RS customer after raising purchase order to round solutions. I hope we will receive soon. This application will run on linux. Here are my questions 1 For receiving SMS how hardware will be notified to application layer? Tell me in detail pgo3 mail ts roundsolutions. May be I can help you with further information. Thank you in advance.

Please be so kind and don’t ask for a free source code because not even all the students from the university are not asking for. We can help you with support but please let make a difference between support, consulting and development, there are three different things.


– Free EAGLE Libraries, Tools for Electronics Designers

If you like us to develop an applications for you we would be more than happy to help you. We can developed from here or if you like we can send a team for gw863 training in India, not free of course. My advice is please read all the documentation, you have ask me several time questions that the answers were all ready in the technical documentation posted in our website or in the forum.

What is the purpose of having all the tech docs if you don’t read them and for every problem you encounter you are asking some one again. Let wait for the the development starter kit to arrive at your destination, read all the instruction try it on your own to move forward, if you are having major difficulty then we can gw863 on how can we help you and what kind of help you need.


We can help you with contacts to several engineering offices even in India that have experience with embedded Linux but application development and source code are not for free. I will close this thread prk3.

If necessarily it can be opened again. In this case please send me an email to ts roundsolutions.

Thank you for understanding. Please, Any one can send sample application to execute in linux.

Please be so kind and update your user profile with RS customer number. Dear Naveen, Please be so kind and ;ro3 ask for a free source code because not even all the students from the university are not asking for.

GE863-PRO3 GPRS Send/Receive Data

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