SKYLINE PROXIMITY READER V. Access control module, to be fitted in electronic audio/video entry panels. Reader that enables door opening when a. Fermax, , SKYLINE Proximity Reader. Reader that allows the door to be opened when a remote key fob or card is used. Only authorised cards or key fobs . Product description. Fermax: proximity module. SKYLINE is made up of 28 different parts, 8 frames and 20 modules to combine, enabling any equipment.

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Fermax, , SKYLINE Proximity Reader Fermax – Readers

As we know, there is no problem using the proximity reader Ref. However, regarding Cityclassic Proximity Readers the standalone version Ref. Nowadays, this connector fermwx not usual in PCs, most of all in laptops. Therefore, if we want to update or extend an existing installation with CityClassic readers using Cityline readers, it is possible that we cannot connect both readers to the same PC for example, if we are using a laptop so we will not be able to clone the information between these readers directly.

  EN 13121-3 PDF

Connect and add the reader to the Software. Check that effectively, it is detected properly by Winprox.

Now, we are going to import this Excel File created to the new reader. Finally, click on SEND. These users will be sent to efrmax Ref.

Winprox allows to clone the list of users between two different readers although these readers are germax Cityclassic or Cityline. Sometimes, the Cityline is not being detected by the Winprox Software. Nevertheless, this is normally related to the driver of the USB installed. On the following link, we have enclosed the driver for this USB Driver. Re-install this driver and test again the connection.

From large buildings compounds to single-family homes, the same system with the same components can provide all the benefits from a Full Digital, Full Duplex system. The key fermaax to achieve this adaptability are the signal regenerators, elements that can help installers to divide large and complex installation into several basic ones within specifications.

Allowing certain users to open a secondary door.


Fermax UK Ltd : Reader, Skyline Proximity V

It is designed in Black color and comes with a stainless steel desktop support. Its unique handset design incorporating a magnet enables the user to put it back into position correctly.

The visitors image cannot be shown in the screen of the Guard Unit. It offers maximum installation simplicity that enables the transmission of all signals: Duox panels will be installed in the access area of the building, and allow communication with residence, door opener function, calls to the guard, etc. In fact, Duox is the only full digital tow-non-polarized wires system on the market, which gives it a technological advantage over all other systems.

This document is a step by step manual that guides the installer how to connect and configure the integration between LYNX videodoor system and KNX home automation system through a customized visualization, accessible from user terminals: