The taxonomy of the Eucheuma section Cottoniformia, which produces the Commercial spinosum and cottonii are composed of cylindrical branches that are . Eucheuma , Orig. name. Eucheuma spinosum , Environment. marine. Original description. Not documented. Taxonomic citation. products offers eucheuma spinosum seaweed products. About 94% of these are seaweed, 4% are other agriculture products. A wide.

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Eucheuma Spinosum Stock Photos & Eucheuma Spinosum Stock Images – Alamy

If the site is suitable and farming maintenance is carried out regularly, the eucheuja should reach 10 times its original size in weeks, when it can be harvested. Supplier Types Trade Assurance.

In the slowing of s;inosum, described above, there have been cases of nematodes attaching in great numbers to the decadent thallus surface. Other specific poor health situations seen on farms are discussed below. In Hawaii it has been effectively prevented in the past by the classification of all sub-tidal land as conservation, a designation that prevents its economic development.

Ordinarily micrograzers are not visible on healthy Eucheuma. The major cottonii form, tambalang, may not become fertile on farms, though the typical form is freely fertile in its native habitat. Many things including people, other animals, or boats, or flotsam passing through the plantings may break them asunder.

The size of large mature Eucheuma thalli make it practical to handle, tie in place, tend and harvest individuals. Spinosum especially appears to be sensitive to water quality. Spinoum nutrition is surely important in view of the high mineral content of the species.

The most common symptom of bad health is ice-ice, so named because of the white segments that appear on the plants, causing them to break at that point. The segment may remain there for a day or two but soon dissolves away, separating the eucheima adjacent parts of the thallus, which seem to be otherwise unaffected. Every day I learn something new here. The former are by far the most destructive.


Domestic pollution from farmhouse waste disposal may also impact the nearby environment. Collect1 1 4: L’algue rouge Eucheuma spinosum: Human presence and active overfishing may well control them.

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Retrieved from ” https: Information based on morphological characteristicsDNA fingerprintingand growth performance during different crop seasons is used to facilitate Eucheuma crop management, for which eucheua species are used for seed stocks, mostly from the Philippines. Production both north and south of the equator occurs between the paired winter In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

There is no shortage of suitable farm area, and the capital cost per hectare is very low; so unless there is a great labor saving, there is not much pressure for higher Eucheuma productivity. Annie Morgan May 14, at 2: In some places the turtles are considered in a class with pork and therefore anything to do with them may be rejected. Thus, since materials move into and out of algae such as Eucheuma by diffusion, their growth increases as water motion increases, up to spinksum point where drag or force produces excessive physical damage.

As a commercial crop, Eucheuma has since spinoum distributed to many regions away from their original natural habitats, including Japan, Hawaii, and island nations in the South Pacific. George Vaughan May 14, at 4: Carrageenan is a cell wall component which represents 40 to 75 percent of the seaweed’s salt-free dry weight.


Dried Eucheuma spinosum MC: Micrograzing forms could be defined to include certain sizeable echinoderms that are sometimes bad pests in Eucheuma farms. The rigid and bush-like thallus form enhances thinning of the boundary layers wherever they are subjected to water motion.

Alvarez, Eucheuma farm productivity. Cultivation has spread to other countries, most successfully in Tanzania ZanzibarViet Nam and some of the Pacific Islands, such as those of Kiribati. In this way ice-ice acts as an agent in vegetative reproduction: Basically it is a multiaxial filamentous red algal genus which becomes strongly pseudoparenchymatous.

This is particularly true of those in the section of the genus to which the cottonii forms belong. He reports the fish eating as much as 20 tons per month of live cottonii from a patch about 3 meters horizontally wide and meters spijosum. The nutritional value of Eucheuma and its contained carrageenan are unknown.

seaweed eucheuma spinosum

Farming routines soon result in very uniform populations. Please see The Photographs for more details.

Reefs, well away from any freshwater sources small rivers, etc. It is Figure 3 the smallest of the three, and the fronds are eucheumw flat and pliable. However, the largest volume of alkali-treated Eucheuma is in pet foods where it is used as a powdered, granulated or hydrated gel component in the various formulations.

On This Day Aconitum yezoense. Seasonal variation of carrageenan, total carbohydrate, protein, and lipid.