A escala original consiste de 21 itens, incluindo sintomas e atitudes, cuja tais como as escalas de Hamilton (Hamilton, ) e de Zung (Zung, ), são altas os inventários de ansiedade e depressão de Beck, além da escala URICA. da escala de auto-avaliacao de ansiedade de SAS, numa amostra da the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale of Zung (SAS), applied in the pre-test and the three. Cuestionarios clínicos estandarizados de detección, tales como a Escala de Ansiedade Manifesta de Taylor ou a Escala de ansiedade Zung Self-Rating, poden.

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Trastorno de ansiedade – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

To analise the reprodutibility, repeted mesuare was used in two oportunities, 1 and 2 weeks later, using the Intraclasses Correlation Coeficient. The Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology 2nd ed. Validity Analysis of Zung’s Anxiety and Depression and Family Apgar Scales In order to establish the construct validity of the measuring instruments implemented by UIS through Bienestar Universitario for the preventive diagnosis of personality disorders in the newly admitted students, the convergent, divergent and criterion validation of the scales was carried out through the establishment of relationships between the scores obtained in the previously studied instruments, regarding the incidence of disorders such as depression, anxiety, lack of family support, and academic problems.

Study of internal consistency and factor structure of three versions of the Zung’s rating instrument for anxiety disorders. No statistically significant average differences were found in the variables of anxiety, depression and family Apgar between the age groups both in women and men, which is affirmed with a level of significance of 0, Universidad Industrial de Santander. The sample consisted of UIS students.

Arquivado dende o orixinal o 30 de abril de Sensitivity and specificity were 0. Also, it should not be overlooked that the university environment is generally associated with new commitments and responsibilities, stressful situations and forced displa cement, all of which limits access to a social and family support network. They were originally written in English and have been translated and applied numerous times in Latin population, and in some Colombian investigations.


Validation of the Portuguese version of the Major Depression Inventory

To answer these questions the following objectives were proposed: The instrument was designed by William WK Zung inoriginally written in English and later translated into Spanish. The test-retest reliability was excellent with intraclass coeficient correlation between 0.

O termo “ansiedade” abrangue catro aspectos que un individuo pode ansieedade Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. At first, the level of reliability and validity of the instruments used as part of the diagnostic process of the new students was verified. It is not suggested esclaa modify the questionnaire proposed by Zung to measure anxiety, to be applied in Colombian population with the characteristics described above.

The discrimination power of the Anxiety, Depression and Family Apgar Scales was evidenced through the area under the ROC curve, which were signiicantly higher than 0,5. The scale is structured zubg 20 affirmations with a Likert-type response scale ranging from never 1 to always 4where questions 5, 9, 13, 17 and 19 are written in inverse sense.

Psychologia2 2 International Journal of Clinical and Health Pychology5 3 Previous research has shown that depression and anxiety are factors that negatively influence the student’s integra tion into university life and, consequently, their academic performance Jaude, Assessment Guides, Diagnoses and Psychopharmacology. And finally, are the levels of anxiety, depres sion, and family functionality in newly admitted students different across age ranges?

The psychometric properties of the instruments were verified and the results were compared by gender and age. In contrast, for women, the internal consistency of the depression scale was 0, while in men it was 0, The Zung Depression Scale does not show a well-defined multidimensional factor structure in the group of university students studied.

The correlations between the scales showed the right direction, confirming the con vergent and divergent validity of the anxiety, depression and family functionality scales.

Trastorno de ansiedade

O alfa de Cronbach para a ansiefade total foi 0, They have found very similar internal consistency values, around 0. In the absence of differences in the item score regarding the total test, it is affirmed that the item does not have power of discrimination, a reason why it must be eliminated.


De la Ossa, S.

Psychiatric Times 24 Case-finding instruments for depression in primary care settings. De la Ossa, S. Dessa forma, a amostra foi composta conforme as etapas do estudo: How College Affects Students. As shown in Table 3item 6 of the Aansiedade Depression Scale does not show discrimination between the high or low scores of the total scale and, additionally, the total-element correlation coefficient for that item was negative.

La Paz20 1 It is worth mentioning that These diagnoses were classified and grouped into anxiety yes or nolevels of depression generalized, mild, moderate, severe and absenceand family support problems yes or no. Todos os participantes assinaram o Termo de Consentimento Livre e Esclarecido. Recuperado el 15 de marzo dede Recuperado el 15 de marzo de escaal, de http: Arquivado dende o orixinal o 21 de abril de Are the anxiety, de pression, and family functionality scores similar between sex groups?

A self-rating depression scale. The verification of the psychometric properties of the instruments, used in the diagnostic process of the students admitted to the Universidad Industrial de Santander, allows to know the scores that regulate this population, which will facilitate the diagnosis of weaknesses and the study of Risk factors associated with academic performance in future cohorts, as well as continue with the validation of the other measuring instruments used in this process.

It is suggested to continue with the validation of the measuring instruments that are being used in the UIS Entrance Examination, and then carry out the study of the risk factors associated with the dropout and low academic performance problems of the students, with the purpose of proposing early correctives that promote their permanence in the university and the success in their careers.

Universidad Catolica de Colombia. Andiedade Zung Anxiety Scale: