as a guide only – please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. ECC85 Ratings. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. ECC85 Datasheet PDF Download – Double Triode, ECC85 data sheet.

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Machlett LaboratoriesInc. Retrieved 8 December Used in s home radios powered by dry cells filaments and storage batteries B-plus voltage.

Collection of Miguel Lopez C. Heater current [23] [1].

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

The fourth element denotes the type of envelope. Retrieved 12 February Antique dztasheet, Old Time Radios. The first incarnation of La Compagnie des Lampes produced the TM tube since and defined one of the first French systems; [1] [16] not to be confused with Compagnie des Lampes”French Mazda”, see below.

Retrieved 5 October Die Abschirmwirkung des Schirms zwischen den Anoden. For examples see below.

Media related to Tesla gas discharge tubes at Wikimedia Commons. Collection of Patrice Zeissloff F. Retrieved 25 December The system consisted of one or two letters followed by 3 or 4 digits. This usually implies construction differences, not just selection from regular quality production.

ECC85 Datasheet PDF

Retrieved 15 June Media related to Lamina gas discharge tubes at Wikimedia Commons. The third element is a sequentially assigned number that distinguishes between different datasjeet of the same type.


Light bulbs since under the Belgian Mazda brand Electronic tubes since under the Adzam “Mazda” spelled backwards brand [20]. A few special-quality tubes did not have a standard equivalent, e.

(PDF) ECC85 Datasheet PDF Download – Double Triode

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Vacuum tubes and Gas discharge tube. Then a hyphen “-“followed by a sequentially assigned number or the designation of the American original. Media related to Valvo vacuum tubes at Wikimedia Commons. Type, subset of the Mullard—Philips system. Pro Electron maintained a subset of the M-P system after their establishment inwith only the first letters EP for the heater, only the second letters ABCDEFHKLMYZ for the type, and issuing only three-digit numbers starting with 123589 for the base.

Literature “Telefunken Laborbuch Band 1 Taschenbuch hellblau “. Collection of Ottmar Rollmann D. While the E80F pentode was a high quality development of the EF80, they were not pin-compatible and could not be interchanged without rewiring the socket the E80F is commonly sought after as a high quality replacement for the similar EF86 type in guitar amplifiers.

All of the following tubes are designed to operate with their heaters connected directly to the volt now volt electrical mains of North America. National Union Electric Corporation.


By using this site, you agree to dtasheet Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Most of these are special quality versions of the equivalents given. Retrieved 25 April Retrieved 31 January High-power RF power tubes are directly heated; the heater voltage must be much smaller than the signal voltage on the grid and is datashfet in the Some specify which end of the filament is to be powered by the positive side of the filament power supply usually a battery.

Retrieved 27 September Retrieved 19 January ecc5 The mica spacers used in “SQ” and “PQ” types did not possess sharp protrusions which could flake off and become loose inside the bulb, possibly lodging between the grids and thus changing the characteristics of the device. Media related to Valvo gas discharge tubes at Wikimedia Commons.

The shield was connected to the cathode. Later types incorporated an extra pin in the base so that the shield could be connected directly to the chassis.

Vacuum tubes which had special qualities French: