Achetez et téléchargez ebook Paper Boats (English Edition): Boutique Kindle The original version of Paper Boats, Perahu kertas, was the first digital novel in. PERAHU KERTAS AMANI – Ebook written by Bella Fauzi. Read this book using Siri Novel Amani – Perahu Kertas Amani Di sekolah, Cikgu. OST Perahu Kertas easily became one of the most successful soundtrack albums in Eight tracks, handpicked by Dee Lestari and [movie director] Hanung.

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Kugy and her childhood friend, Noni, were reunited once again. They were both enrolled in the same university in Bandung and were about to start the exciting college journey.


Four of them instantly clicked and became close. K ugy and her childhood friend, Noni, were reunited once again. Noni believed Keenan, with his incredible painting talents, would be a perfect match ebokk Wanda, whose family owned a prestigious gallery in Jakarta. Noni never knew Kugy and Keenan secretly fell in love with each other. She volunteered to teach poor children in rural area of Bandung.

Her students, especially a boy named Pilik, inspired her to write.

Kugy was disappointed at him. When they met and argued, Kugy left her story book by accident. In desperation, Keenan decided to go to Ubud, Bali. At the same time, he grew close to Luhde.

Graduated from college, Kugy worked in an advertising company called AdVocado, owned by a young man, Remigius Aditya. Remi paid extra attention on Kugy and her quirky ideas. The engagement of Noni and Eko reunited Kugy and Keenan. As a gratitude for inspiring him back to his painting passion, Keenan took Kugy for a journey to see Pilik.


Best Indonesian Romance ( books)

The little boy was no longer to be seen. Pilik had died, his house was destroyed due to some real estate development. They planned to write a book together, cherising the memory of Pilik by continuing the story of General Pilik and The Alit Troop.

Kugy would write the storyline and Ebopk would paint the illustrations. Their plan seemed sound until they realized it was impossible to deny their feelings for each other. At the end, the truth revealed itself in an unexpected way. Not only for Kugy and Keenan, but also Wayan also had his chance to make peace with his past.

Kugy continued her Pilik story while Keenan took part in making the illustrations. Remi decided to let Kugy go as his employee. In Bali, Remi gave Kugy a ring as a sign of his commitment.

At the same time, Kugy found out the connection between Remi and Keenan. The truth was too big for her to chew. Kugy was at shock. He found Kugy and they finally had their moment of truth. Although both knew their true feelings for each other, they decided to novep as friends and not hurting their partners.

After recovering from his stroke, Adri started to see the sacrifice Keenan had made for the family. Keenan found his freedom. Kugy released her last paper boat in the open sea.

It was a letter where she told Neptune, her imaginary pen friend, about the man her heart finally chose. Although the four evook them remained good friends, Kugy and Keenan secretly fell in love with each other.

Kugy, who loved fairytales and dreamed to become a writer, found a perfect partner figure in Keenan who loved to paint.

Hemade beautiful illustrations for her stories. When Wanda and Keenan grew closer, Kugy decided to withdraw and kept herself busy. Pursuing his dream to become a painter, Keenan gave his complete trust on Wanda and rebelled against his father, Adri Agus Melaz.


Best Indonesian Romance

At the end, Keenan was deceived by Wanda. Devastated, Keenan decided to give up painting altogether. They argued and parted. Kugy left her story book iertas accident and Keenan kept it without her knowing.

Perahu kertas – Dee – Google Books

Supported by Wayan and his niece, Luhde Elyzia MulachelaKeenan slowly was back on his feet and started to paint again. With the help of her brother, Karel Ben KasyafaniKugy got an internship in an advertising company owned by Remi. Not everybody gave Kugy a warm welcome, including Siska Sharena Gunawanwho grew bitter when Kugy started to get close to Remi. The engagement of Noni and Eko finally reunited the four of them. Kugy and Keenan met again after being separated for years.

O ST Perahu Kertas easily became one of the most successful soundtrack albums in Eight tracks, handpicked by Dee Lestari and [movie director] Pdrahu Bramantyo, swept the hearts of many Indonesian youngsters. Ksrtas first hit single, Perahu Kertas, was sung by Maudy Ayunda, the leading actress.

While Andhika Triyadi, the film scorer, also did the music production of most songs in the album, including ones written by Dee: Three other songs were contributed by other composers: The Intelligence of the Morning Dew Supernova: