To edit this object, install AcroExch or ensure that any dialog boxes in . to the transform created with the customization wizard – I’ll post back after testing. Reply. There are third party convert utilities as well, but I would prefer the official Adobe Acrobat for best conversion and fidelity to the original. That error would seem to indicate that the class name “” is not registered on your machine. Also, you’ve declared that object of type Acrobat.

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Using Windows 7, need to Insert a pdf into a word document. Says I need AcroExch.

.pdf Extension – List of programs that can open .pdf files

Where do I get this? That is the system name for the running process of Acrobat for older versions or Acrobat. The original post was for “Reader” and “Reader” does not have any ability to convert any document converg a PDF. So Acrobat 9 may not fully work for Windows 8. It’s just that I am not able to insert a PDF as an object.


AcroExch error when inserting pdf object into Word doc.

I searched for that application but I don’t seem to have it. But if there has been an update to MS Office that could be causing the problem and since Acrobat 9 has not been supported by Adobe since June 26,you may never find a resolution to your problem.

Edit Answer for another 12 minutes.

What version of MS Office are you running? Do you have Acrobat or Reader installed?

If Reader, disable the Protected Mode. Edit Answer for another minute. Was this ever solved? I have the same problem.

I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. Thanks for your response. I am able to do it.

I think I will uninstall and reinstall the Adobe Suite. Please specify a reason:.

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