. Dental World – Artículos de Endodoncia .. Ultrasonido. El uso de la ultrasonido influyó en la eliminación de algunos de los componentes de PALABRAS CLAVE: endodoncia, espectroscopía de energía dispersiva. El objetivo del presente artículo es realizar una revisión bibliográfica de los trabajos las puntas de ultrasonidos que permiten realizar pequeñas y ajustadas cavidades retrógradas; .. Actualización en cirugía endodoncia.

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It J Oral Maxillofac Implants ; Sociedad Venezolana de Odontopediatria. Clinical evaluation of 3Mix and Vitapex as treatment options for pulpally involved primary molars. An in vivo study.

Tratamiento Endodóntico no Instrumentado en dientes deciduos

Cytotoxic evaluation of root-end filling materials in cultures of human osteoblast-like cells and periodontal ligament cells. Microleakage of root-end filling materials. Furusawa M, Asai Y. Further root sectioning may be required to secure this perimeter, thereby avoiding the production of cracks at the apical tip due to the ultrasound power rating and vibrations 42, The use of a dental microscope improves access to the surgical field in periapical surgery Dental Ventures of America, Inc.


Lasers are currently used with very good results in periapical surgery for apex resection or for improving apical sealing following apicoectomy and retrograde filling.

The difficulty to completely remove root canal filling will result in material remnants on root dentin walls, and the presence of such residues impairs the adhesion of glass fiber post.

Tratamiento Endodóntico no Instrumentado en dientes deciduos

Root-end cavity preparation after apicoectomy using a new type of sonic and diamond-surfaced retrotip: Int Endod J ; Ultrasonic root end cavity preparation assessed by an in situ impression technique.

American Academy of Periodontology. Different authors have evaluated ruby, CO2, Nd: The origin of each chemical element quantified is shown in Table II. University of Florida College of Dentistry. Dental Clinics of North America. Adhesion of human osteoblasts on root-end ultrasonidk materials. University of Bristol Dental Se ,Inglaterra.

Leakage of amalgam, composite, and super-EBA, compared with a new retrofill material: Bactericidal efflcacy of a mixture of ciprofloxacin. MTA has also been shown 65 to adapt well to tissues in retrograde filling of an open-apex tooth.

American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. J Clin Laser Med Surg ; Microsurgical instruments for root-end cavity preparation following apicoectomy: The effect of dowel space on the bond strengths of fiber posts.


Equipos, instrumentos y materiales dentales. These are inflammatory lesions appearing in the apical zone of implants, and which are cleaned and subjected to curettage 79 ; apical resection of the implant may even be performed in order to avoid bacterial proliferation and relapse of the eliminated lesion 80, According to ultrasonnido authors 4,11,31,44,47,49,50the use of ultrasound improves the prognosis of periapical surgery, increasing percentage success and final healing.

Thus, the bony window can be enlarged, further apical sectioning can be decided, or the mesial or distal zone of the ultrasonico can be beveled to allow lateral entry of the artticulos tips. Pediatric dentistry ; 17 5: An effective adhesion between resin cement and dentin walls is required for luting of aesthetic posts.

Equipos y Materiales Medicos. Ultrasonic root end preparation.

Validation of cone beam computed tomography as a tool to explore root canal anatomy.