An Alien medical team, from a parallel dimension, cure humans at healer clinic in ISRAEL. Original report byf Adrian Dvir. ADRIAN DVIR – X3 HEALING ENTITIES and ALIENS. likes. Alien medical teams from other realms or dimensions cure humans at Healers-Mediums. List of computer science publications by Adrian Dvir. Helnye Azaria, Adrian Dvir: An Optimizing Compiler for an SPAP Architecture Using AI.

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His third book was published in Romanian, and is actually his two previous books under a single binder. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. And I got very afraid I left everything.

In addition, he had once in a life time experience Parallel Universes Aliens claim that Parallel Universes exist. And at some point they opened a clinic at my apartment.

It was about another year until his first book was afrian to English, in Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Married with two children and living in Israel sinceDvir was employed as a developer of military computer systems.

Adrian Dvir story about Aliens Medical Teams

Some of his ET-inspired art can be viewed here. I am not a doctor I cannot open a clinic. They cured many problems. The Healers claim for collaboration with invisible Beings from other dimensions or realms. Next Alien Contact step has started: Our Alien medical teams use medical implants to support or replace bodily functions by inserting artificial devices. Adriann in Computer Engineering.

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Sep 18, New: In ISRAEL an increasing number of Adrjan claim to almost miraculous results in a variety of medical conditions including serious diseases.

And took courses of meditations and channeling. No abductions take place. And the reader will find that these aliens have been monitoring the development of mankind since its inception. Adrian’s first English book: During my military service, about 20 years ago, I came home and laid down on the bed. Testimony of patients treated by Aliens. X3, Healing Entities and Aliens An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journeySeptember 21, Reviewer: They willingly accept his probes for knowledge and grant him free access to their telepathic communications center.

We can call it parallel dimensions, parallel realms extra-dimensions or inter-dimensions. Adrian also edited the final clip. The extraterrestrials main efforts are aimed at studying Earth Ecology and many other aspects in order to facilitate a smooth integration. And I decided to study this thing. Read more on Adrian second book including free chapters.

Parallel realms of existence are described. Using advanced ET technology which he carried inside his body, Adrian had daily working contact with the healing aliens and knew them well. Alien organizations The alien medical teams study our anatomy, physiology and common diseases in order to find cures for human illness.


Adrian Dvir

His close collaboration with the alien team affords him the opportunity to learn a great deal about the Aliens and their medical practice. I felt him near me, the sensation he is there, I saw him, not with my eyes but something telepathically.

No one was there and I was thinking is this a dead person talking with me or its my imagination. Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world.

Adrian Dvir – Wikipedia

Earth Magnetic polar flip. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Sept 2, Reptilian Alien Professor Bach An alien medical specialist in medicine and science speaks about his work as head physician of Alien medical team on Earth, his home planet and his reptile humanoid race.

He could not walk and had to retire from work. Adrian work at adriab high tech company.